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We provide turnkey and powerful solutions for all your business marketing needs – helping you to get more traffic, close more sales and dramatically increase your profits.

Here’s how we can help you …

  • Automated follow-up marketing
  • Social media marketing (facebook, twitter, pinterest, google +)
  • Reputation management
  • Search engine optimization and marketing
  • Mobile website optimization
  • Pay-per-click management
  • Google local listings
  • Website analysis/conversion analysis
  • and more
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Automated Follow-up Marketing

mobile text marketing

The key to closing more sales is in being able to follow-up with prospects constantly and the best way to do so is to follow-up using multiple channels like emails, sms text and so on.

  • Multiple channels of follow-up
  • Automated leads capture
  • Automated follow-up systems to close more sales

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Social Media Marketing

social media marketingsocial media marketing

Grow a raving fan base for your business through social media channels like facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ and pinterest, and attract a ton of traffic to your store. Benefits of using social media marketing are:

  • Direct to consumer marketing/communication
  • Viral effect of marketing campaigns
  • Traffic generated are free!

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Reputation Management

reputatioon marketing

Bad reputation on the web can kill your business as more consumers are turning to the web to look for reviews before buying. And the worst part of all this is: they stay online forever. Benefits of utilizing our reputation management are:

  • Push the bad press/reviews as far away from consumers as possible
  • Bring glowing reviews to the forefront of consumers
  • Improved sales as a result of positive reviews

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Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

Google is the 900 pound gorilla in the web traffic world, and traffic from the search engines can bring about a ton of sales if you know how to harness them. Benefits of using search engine optimization:

  • Highly targeted traffic to your business
  • Traffic can be massive from the search engines
  • Traffic generated are free!

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Pay-Per-Click Management

pay per click marketing

PPC is a proven source of traffic than can be turned on in an instant and you’ll start receiving traffic immediately. We provide pay-per-click(PPC) management for all your campaigns, handling all the split-testing, keywords management, targeting, analytics and conversions funnel.

  • Pay less for each click
  • Get more highly targeted traffic
  • Get more sales by increasing your clicks to leads conversion

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Google Local Listings

google local listing

Google is the biggest amongst all the search engines and a lot of people do daily searches on it to look for products or services. Being listed high in Google’s local listings meant that you will be able to be seen by more of your prospective consumers.

  • Greater visibility by appearing higher on the search results
  • Review system allows for improved confidence for consumers on your products/services
  • Get even more traffic and sales as a result

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Website Analysis

conversion marketing

It is very important for you to know where your traffic is coming from and how well those different channels of traffic are doing in terms of conversions. We help you create another pair of eyes on your website via analytics for you to see how well your site and sales funnel is performing.

  • Knows exactly which of your marketing effort is working and which is not
  • Able to ramp up the profitable channels for even more profits
  • Know exactly how visitors interact on your site and improve sales conversion as a result

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Mobile Website Optimization

mobile marketing

The number of people using smartphones and tablets are increasing by the minute and searching for products and services on the phone/tablet is now a norm. You need to make sure your website is optimized for the best viewing possible for phones and tablets. Benefits include:

  • Better browsing experience leading to increased confidence
  • Capturing the on-the-go prospects looking for your products/services
  • Increased sales!

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Graphic Design

graphic design

Great looking graphic design work for your promotional literatures like posters, brochures, banners, newspaper advertisements and so on are key to ensuring that what you put out, gets noticed and read. Benefits of using our graphic design services:

  • Great looking artwork for instilling confidence amongst consumer
  • Increased response rate from consumers
  • More traffic as a result of better design

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Website Design

website design

80% of purchases starts on the web nowadays, meaning people are doing reviews and searching on your site first and foremost before deciding on who to buy it from. So we provide great website design that will do the following for your business:

  • Increased confidence from browsing consumers
  • Higher response rate from consumers who looked through your website
  • More traffic and higher sales as a result of a great looking website

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It’s now time for you to get more traffic and sales!

At QuantumMarketer, we provide a total marketing solution for all your business marketing needs to help you ramp up your traffic and sales big time. Call us or email us to schedule for a free consultation where we will bring you through how we can help you in your business marketing success.


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