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Why Social Mobile Marketing Is A Must For Any Business


Social media is the future of the Internet. Some respected experts even think that we may eventually start doing most of our searches on social sites instead of through search engines. Google certainly seems to be preparing for that with Google Plus. Social media is popular on both traditional computers and mobile devices like smartphones […]

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How to Use Social Proof to Boost Sales


Social proof is one of the most effective persuasion techniques out there and it’s something everyone can use to boost sales. Social proof involves the use of customer and user testimonials, reviews, and other input to convince new customers to make a purchase. Social proof is effective because it proves to customers that a product […]

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Writing press releases that social media will love

Press Release

Traditionally press releases were spread through only one channel – the media. However, in the modern world the internet provides a whole range of other channels through which to distribute your releases. One of the most prominent of these channels is social media. Social media gives you the opportunity to talk directly to your intended […]

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Mobile Blogging Toolbox

Mobile Usage

With the world becoming more and more mobile, people are not only reading blog posts from their hand held devices, but creating them as well.  The days I’ve strapping yourself to the desk to punch out a blog post are well and truly gone. With today’s mobile gadgetry a blogger can churn out a post […]

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