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5 SEO Tips for site navigation and linking

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Some of the most important things to consider when trying to optimise your website for search engines are issues around site navigation and internal links. Your site should be easy to navigate for both people and for search engine spiders. This post will explore a number of simple SEO navigation and linking techniques. Sometimes there […]

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Organic Seo Must Do’s For Small Business

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All successful online businesses understand the critical role that SEO plays in maintaining the visibility of their sites. While some businesses can afford to spend millions per year keeping top page rankings, small businesses don’t have this same luxury.  Every online marketer and business owner craves that no.1 spot in the organic rankings on search […]

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In seo, The Turtle And The Hare Wear Different Colour Hats

Hare & Tortoise

When a site first goes live it’s an exciting time, but the thrill doesn’t run for long before you are desperate to push that traffic counter through the roof. When the steady but plodding unique visitor counter just isn’t inspiring enough it’s very difficult to stick to the honorable white hat SEO techniques and black hat SEO options […]

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