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Promoting Your Restaurant By Harnessing the Power of Google

Location Based Ad

Google and other search engines are powerful tools that can be used to track down information on just about anything. Often consumers and potential customers will search for restaurants and other places of business through Google, Yahoo! or Bing search engines. Learning to harness the power of Google can dramatically increase your business and brand […]

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Simple But Powerful Tips For SEM Dominance


Anyone with a website knows that SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a never ending battle against search engine algorithm changes and your competitors. In this article we’ll share some tips for achieving SEM dominance.  Whether Google’s latest ‘Panda’ update sent your website tumbling down the rankings, or cashed up competitors are stealing your spots on […]

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Why You Should Focus On Content Before Optimization


For most online marketers, optimization considerations precede content. In this post we’ll look at why you should consider switching this.  A common misperception is that search engines rank your whole site. In fact they rank your pages individually, hence each page needs to be optimized for itself based on the keywords that are most appropriate […]

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