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Using Text Marketing To Promote Your Restaurants

Text messaging is a great way to build your brand, raise awareness about promotions, and otherwise get in touch with your customers. By following the strategies in this guide you should be able to make thousands of dollars off of a great text messaging campaign. The great thing about text messaging is that it allows […]

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Using Mobile Devices to Empower Your Restaurant’s Marketing Effort

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Mobile devices are now extremely influential and as such every restaurant owner should consider how they can use the devices to increase business and build up a restaurant’s brand. Targeting mobile devices allows you to get in touch with millions of people. The majority of adults in developed countries, such as the United States, now […]

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Establishing a Restaurant Loyalty Program


Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your most loyal customers. While these programs usually don’t lure in huge numbers of new customers, they are great for increasing the amount of business you receive from current customers. Loyalty programs are a great idea for just about any restaurant, so listen closely! Loyalty programs boil […]

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How To Promote A Restaurant Using Email Marketing

Email Tracking

Did you know the United States Postal Service is practically bankrupt? While there are many reasons why this once proud service is so close to collapsing under its own weight, one huge reason is the invention of email. Quite simply, most people prefer email to so-called “snail mail.” The same is true for businesses because […]

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Word-of-Mouth Restaurant Promotion – Three Key Strategies For Increasing Sales

Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing is probably the oldest and ultimately one of the most effective forms of marketing on Earth. Quite simply, it means that people spread “word” of your restaurant or company among their personal network. The simple fact is that people trust friends more than even experts. In fact, one study found that 65% of […]

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Why Facebook Marketing Is Essential For Your Restaurant

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Even in spite of Facebook’s terrible IPO it’s hard to deny that the social media site has done anything but change society. It seems like half the world is on Facebook and with nearly a billion registered users that number isn’t too far off. Just about everyone who owns a computer uses Facebook and some […]

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