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Promoting Restaurant Using Mobile Marketing To Increase Sales

Let’s not kid ourselves, the restaurant industry is super competitive these days. Many people have great ideas for restaurants and produce high quality food served in unique atmospheres. The problem is, this competitive marketplace is making it harder and harder to compete for the limited discretionary income of potential customers! One way to reach out […]

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Restaurant Marketing – Key To Increase Sales For Restaurant

Right now the marketplace for restaurants is tough. Around the world customers are pinching back on spending due to economic uncertainty while, more and more restaurants are opening up and becoming increasingly competitive. Not only that, but many customers already know what their favorite restaurants and chains are, making it hard for new entrants to […]

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Why Facebook Marketing Is Essential For Your Restaurant

Even in spite of Facebook’s terrible IPO it’s hard to deny that the social media site has done anything but change society. It seems like half the world is on Facebook and with nearly a billion registered users that number isn’t too far off. Just about everyone who owns a computer uses Facebook and some […]

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