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Promoting Restaurants Using Press Release

Let’s be honest, most people are skeptical about ads and advertisements. After all, you’re only trying to tell them what you think they want to hear. What people do love, however, are genuine articles and stories about restaurants and other businesses. Simply put, a genuine story is more credible than an advertisement. For example, if […]

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Promoting Your Restaurant Using Neighborhood Marketing Campaign

If you are looking to establish a world-class restaurant one of the first things you should do is dominate the local market! “Neighborhood Marketing” means focusing on local customers within your community. Usually that means targeting people who live and work within 3 to 5 miles of your restaurant. The idea behind neighborhood marketing is […]

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Promoting Restaurants Using Direct Marketing

With direct marketing you reach out directly to your customers through mail, email, text, handing out brochures, and other activities that directly engage the customer. Often, direct marketing involves reaching out to people who have been your customers in the past and have left you their contact information. While you could “cold call” people, it’s […]

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