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Email Marketing – Getting Your Emails Read!

Email has all but replaced snail mail. The hyper quick, usually reliable medium allows people to near get in touch all with the click of a button. And now businesses can quickly send coupons, info, promotions, and other enticing things to potential customers. Due to its low costs and solid rate of returns, email marketing […]

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Why Is Mobile Marketing Critical To Your Business Survival

Smartphones are becoming near ubiquitous. Even in developing countries and emerging markets smartphones are becoming extremely popular. And in advanced nations just about everyone seems to have a smartphone in their pocket or tablet in their hands. If fact more than half of Americans between the age of 18 and 45 now have a smartphone […]

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How To Use Scarcity to Boost Sales

Markets are all about supply and demand. And where you can create scarcity, you can reduce supply, which under the right circumstances can drive up demand. Marketers use scarcity, or special promotions given within short time frames or in small quantities, to drive up their sales. You need to have good products and a great […]

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