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Location-Based Mobile Marketing Helps You Build Relationships with Customers


Location-based marketing (LBM) has quickly emerged as one of the best forms of marketing in the world. LBM uses global positioning technology, usually linked with a smartphone, tablet, or car’s navigation system, to track where your customers are at and then offer them relevant promotions, information, etc. when they are near your store or business […]

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How to Create An Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Uses of mobile phone especially smart phones have shown a significant growth worldwide over the past few years. Do you know the statistics of how many of the world’s population actually owns a mobile phone now, and how many of them are smart phones? Let me tell you. Estimates say that 80% of the world’s […]

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How To Use Facebook Places To Market Your Business

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Many businesses are leveraging Facebook pages to promote their business, not so many are you using Facebook Places though. In this article we’ll examine how you can use the service to promote your business.  Remember when location based software first came out? It wasn’t that long ago, but the technology has already matured and is […]

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5 Ways Facebook Places Marketing Can Be Utilized

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Although it’s been around for a little while now, location based software is a technology which still hasn’t reached it’s full maturity, hence offering strong opportunity for marketers to capitalize on its benefits.  If you’re new to location based marketing, Facebook places is a good place to start. Many would argue that a specialized service […]

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