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How To Draw in Customers To Your Restaurant On “Slow” Days

Chances are, you pay your rent or mortgage for your restaurant’s location 7 days a week. And yet, you probably only really make money on two or three of the days. Some days of the week, like Tuesday, are simply slower than others and for a small business owner struggling to pay bills and turn […]

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Establishing a Restaurant Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your most loyal customers. While these programs usually don’t lure in huge numbers of new customers, they are great for increasing the amount of business you receive from current customers. Loyalty programs are a great idea for just about any restaurant, so listen closely! Loyalty programs boil […]

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Restaurant Marketing – Key To Increase Sales For Restaurant

Right now the marketplace for restaurants is tough. Around the world customers are pinching back on spending due to economic uncertainty while, more and more restaurants are opening up and becoming increasingly competitive. Not only that, but many customers already know what their favorite restaurants and chains are, making it hard for new entrants to […]

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