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Content Marketing – The Key Inbound Marketing Component

Content marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing for any business, especially in the online world. Content marketing refers to marketing strategies through which you build relationships with potential customers and consumers. Instead of screaming “buy me!,” you offer people helpful and useful information, thereby gaining their trust. If you are looking […]

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How to Get Content from Your Customers For Your Inbound Marketing

Have you been blogging, writing articles, and otherwise generating content to boost your marketing campaign? Many marketers do and it is a great strategy. Problem is, after awhile you may start to run out of good ideas. Sure, some people are endless sources of ideas, never stopping or slowing down, but for most of us […]

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Content Marketing – How Experts Find Great Content

You’ve probably noticed that professional magazines and newspapers publish a lot of well researched and well written stuff. Just a quick glance through the Wall Street Journal or New York Times will confirm this. To be blunt, most of this content is of a higher quality than content you will find on blogs and other […]

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Why Many Marketers Prefer Inbound Marketing to Outbound Marketing

If you are familiar with marketing you may have heard inbound and outbound marketing. Understanding the actual differences between inbound and outbound marketing is essential because each has a different focus and involves differing techniques. In the most general sense outbound market means pushing your marketing message to the largest audience possible through mass marketing […]

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