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How To Use Facebook To Make Money

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook offers great ways to make money! Wondering how? A great first step is to look at what other people are doing and figure out what makes them successful. After you see what other marketers are doing, you should find ways to improve on their ideas. The trick is finding […]

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Using Mobile Devices to Empower Your Restaurant’s Marketing Effort

Mobile devices are now extremely influential and as such every restaurant owner should consider how they can use the devices to increase business and build up a restaurant’s brand. Targeting mobile devices allows you to get in touch with millions of people. The majority of adults in developed countries, such as the United States, now […]

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Promoting Your Restaurant Using Social Media To Grow Your Customers Base

Social media is now one of the most powerful tools in the world. Social media has revolutionized how people interact with each other and society as a whole. From video games to professional networking sites, people now use the Internet to interact. And with the emergence of smart phones, tablets, and ultra portable laptops people […]

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Why Social Mobile Marketing Is A Must For Any Business

Social media is the future of the Internet. Some respected experts even think that we may eventually start doing most of our searches on social sites instead of through search engines. Google certainly seems to be preparing for that with Google Plus. Social media is popular on both traditional computers and mobile devices like smartphones […]

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How to Use Social Proof to Boost Sales

Social proof is one of the most effective persuasion techniques out there and it’s something everyone can use to boost sales. Social proof involves the use of customer and user testimonials, reviews, and other input to convince new customers to make a purchase. Social proof is effective because it proves to customers that a product […]

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How To Craft A Viral Marketing Campaign For Your Restaurant

Viral marketing is one of the most effective but difficult forms of marketing in the world. If successful, a viral marketing campaign can attract attention like no other. Literally, a small restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska can be launched into the international spot light. Viral marketing works by getting people to spread messages through social and […]

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How To Use Facebook Groups To Build Customers’ Relationship

If you use the Internet you have almost certainly heard of Facebook. The nearly omnipresent social media site is regularly the most viewed website in the world and hundreds of millions of people are now on the network.  One feature, Facebook Groups, offers a way for you to connect with other users and share common […]

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