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Email Marketing – Getting Your Emails Read!

Email has all but replaced snail mail. The hyper quick, usually reliable medium allows people to near get in touch all with the click of a button. And now businesses can quickly send coupons, info, promotions, and other enticing things to potential customers. Due to its low costs and solid rate of returns, email marketing […]

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How To Promote A Restaurant Using Email Marketing

Did you know the United States Postal Service is practically bankrupt? While there are many reasons why this once proud service is so close to collapsing under its own weight, one huge reason is the invention of email. Quite simply, most people prefer email to so-called “snail mail.” The same is true for businesses because […]

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Build your email marketing list: 5 ideas that really work

Running a successful email marketing campaign involves getting all sorts of things right. However, it’s so easy to get caught up in doing so that you forget the basics. Regardless of how streamlined the rest of your campaign is, it won’t be successful unless you have enough people on your email marketing list. In this post, […]

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