Keep reading to learn the 3 biggest issues facing 99% of all business owners and why this is leaving 50% of your sales opportunities uncollected

Keep reading to learn the 3 biggest issues facing 99% of all business owners and why this is leaving 50% of your sales opportunities uncollected

These are real, proven strategies that work and can be implemented right away. Learn how to use them to increase profitability by 50% or more within the next 12 months.

If you own any kind of business, you’ve run into the same problem as all other business owners. You spend considerable time and money to attract new customers or foot traffic, and a moment later, too many of them walk out of the door and you’ve just lost the opportunity most likely forever.

In a recent survey done with various business owners, it was found that the majority of them experienced the same common 3 frustrations and problems. These are causing them to leave on average 50% of gross income potential on the table from lost opportunities. We will show you these three problems and then tell you about a FREE report that will show you how to eliminate them.

The 3 issues you need to address and resolve for your business to survive and thrive in this tough economic situation.

  • Only having one chance at closing is the most critical mistake we see most businesses make. If you are a small business relying on word of mouth and referrals, or an established company with a regular marketing budget, most companies miss out on the chance to close prospects multiple times. You need a way to capture their contact details and more importantly, capture them automatically without your manual input. Then you have the chance to earn their business without having to spend more money or wait for more referrals. The same time and effort on your part leads to more sales.
  • Lack of immediate & constant follow up is the 2nd most common mistake we find. When you manage to get their contact details, you most likely do not have the means to send them follow up messages within the next 5 minutes especially if you have other urgent matters to take care of, like more potential customers to close. A MIT study shows that the chances of you converting a cold lead into a customer goes up 100x if you get in touch with a lead within 5 minutes of them giving their contact information to you. Even if you have their contact details, you most likely do not have an effective way to be able to communicate to everyone en-mass without needing to laboriously contacting everyone one at a time. It takes an average of at least 7 contact points for your lead to start to warm up to your communication or offer, so you need to make sure you have a system to be able to communicate to your leads.
  • Limited channels to get in touch with leads. When you do manage to get the contact details, you normally only have one way of getting in touch with them. In order to make sure you are able to get your message across to them, you need to gather as much contact channels as possible for these leads and you need to do so in a subtle manner.
  • (One more pertinent issue) Failing to motivate prospects to leave their phone and email address for follow up. With today’s over abundance of webinars, free material, etc. Most consumers are very guarded at giving away their contact information, let alone their cell phone and email address. There are proven strategies to make prospects excited about the idea of hearing from you again. It is important that you stand out from the competition and give yourself multiple chances to convert prospects to clients, while avoiding additional marketing expense.

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