Content Marketing – The Key Inbound Marketing Component

Content marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing for any business, especially in the online world. Content marketing refers to marketing strategies through which you build relationships with potential customers and consumers. Instead of screaming “buy me!,” you offer people helpful and useful information, thereby gaining their trust. If you are looking […]

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Content Marketing – How Experts Find Great Content

You’ve probably noticed that professional magazines and newspapers publish a lot of well researched and well written stuff. Just a quick glance through the Wall Street Journal or New York Times will confirm this. To be blunt, most of this content is of a higher quality than content you will find on blogs and other […]

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How To Be An Expert In Your Niche And Sell More Stuff

If you are looking to build an online business then it helps if you have an expertise. An expert is someone who has developed specialized knowledge regarding a specific topic and is able to use this knowledge to provide answers and solutions to other people’s problems. Experts are extremely important in fields like marketing, where […]

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How to Build A Huge Following And Customer Database Using Your Blog

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and MySpace are some very fantastic social media platforms that many people, especially marketers, employ to create awareness of their purposes and a community that allow them to stay connected with their followers, target market or general public. It is certainly true that as social media are gaining popularity and attracting […]

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5 time saving tricks every blogger should know

Blogging can be a valuable way of networking, promoting your business and improving your organic search engine rankings. On the other hand, as any blogger knows, writing regular posts, and carrying out other blog related tasks can be incredibly time consuming. At some point, most bloggers will ask themselves whether writing their blog is really […]

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