25 ways to generate business leads

There are so many ways of generating leads for your business and website that it’s easy to get stuck and end up using the approaches that aren’t the most effective. By spending some time considering your lead generation approaches, you have a chance to change this and to make your efforts that much more rewarding.Leads

Many of us have been in the position where they know that their business is providing a valuable product or service but potential customers aren’t yet aware of this. Others have a booming customer base but want ways to reach new customers. In this post, we’ll outline a whole range of ways of generating leads using both online and offline resources.

Online Lead Generation

There are a huge number of ways to generate leads online. The list below includes just some of these. While the most effective sources will differ from business to business, the list is ordered so that the sources that will be the most important for most businesses are at the top.

  1. Organic Google traffic (via SEO)
  2. Google Places/Local Search
  3. Google AdWords (search engine and in-content advertising)
  4. Microsoft AdCenter (search engine advertising on Bing and Yahoo)
  5. Facebook (advertising and social media campaigns)
  6. Twitter (advertising and social media campaigns)
  7. LinkedIn (advertising and social media campaigns)
  8. YouTube (advertising and social media campaigns)
  9. Banner advertising on a banner advertising network
  10. Affiliate Partners
  11. Joint venture partners
  12. Press releases
  13. Online directories
  14. List Rentals (for example, SRDS)
  15. Guest posts and articles on appropriate sites and blogs
  16. Direct advertising on niche websites
  17. Forums

Offline Lead Generation

Of course, even before the internet there were a whole range of ways to generate leads and many of these are still effective today. Some of the more important ways of generating offline leads for your business are listed below.

  1. Newspaper/Magazine Advertisements
  2. Radio and Television
  3. Outdoor advertisement (for example, billboards)
  4. Mail outs
  5. Telemarketing
  6. Trade Shows
  7. Advertise in industry publications
  8. Offer free seminarsTelemktg

What are some of the lead generation approaches that you have used?

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