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The principle motivations for writing a blog is to have your posts read. Your blog may be focused on increasing brand awareness, generating leads or on trying to encourage customer interaction. In all cases, however, its success depends on your ability to successfully promote your posts to an audience.Blog Wording

A blog post can either feel like an exciting chance to talk to the world or like talking to an audience of one. The key element that makes the difference between these two cases is promotion. This post will look at three ways that you can promote your posts.

1. Promote to interested people that you already have a connection with

If you’re active in social media, then every time you write a post you can share your post on these sites. If people are already following you, there’s a good chance they’re interested in what you have to say. If you are signed up to too many social networks, use a service like to sharing your post on all your social networks at once.

Also consider what other groups you have a connection with. If you have an email list, send out a link to your post. If not, consider including a link in your email signature so that everyone you contact is directed toward your blog.

2. Get others to do the work for you

While there are a whole range of things you can do to promote your posts, many of these will be time consuming. Fortunately, with a little bit of up-front-effort, you can encourage other people to do the promotional work for you. For example, if you’re writing material that people are likely to want to share with others, you can add share buttons to the end of your posts, making it easy for them to share your post via Facebook and other sites.

If you want others to help promote your material, though, the most important thing is to write the right posts. What do people in your niche like to link to or share with their friends on social networks? When you’ve answered this question, you know how to approach your next post.Social Media Icon3

3. Get your name (and a link to your blog) mentioned in as many high-quality places as you can

The two previous approaches allow you to leverage your existing readers to create interest and bring in new readers. However, there are also a whole range of ways to reach out to people who currently have no connection to your blog. Many of these approaches involved getting your name and blog mentioned in high-quality forums, blogs or websites.

To increase your chance of gaining new readers this way, make an effort to write guest posts and articles and to comment on other blogs and in forums. All of these venues provide you with a chance to raise your profile.

How do you promote your blog?

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