Using humour in your YouTube Marketing (Two Examples)

There are plenty of people out there willing to offer advice on how to create a viral YouTube marketing video and one of the pieces of advice they like to give is that your campaign should be funny. Unfortunately, many people are silent about how exactly to go about doing this.

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We all know that a successful YouTube marketing campaign will need to capture the imagination of viewers and we all know that one of the best ways to do this is through humour. What’s more challenging is figure out exactly what people on YouTube will find funny. This post will offer an example of two successful campaigns and will look at what makes them so successful.

Blendtec – Will It Blend

Blendtec’s campaign, called Will it Blend involves various items being put through the company’s blenders to determine if they will blend. Things they have blended so far include the iPad 2, golf balls, credic cards, burgers and a huge number of other items.

This campaign is clearly humourous but it is more than just the humour that has led to the success of the marketing campaign. The first thing to note is that the humour is related to their product – the videos provide a demonstration of the quality of Blendtec blenders. They also leave it clear in people’s mind what it is that the campaign is promotion. This is an important first step. On top of this, the Blendtec campaign allows for user input. People are given the opportunity to suggest new items for blending (and the videos tell them which objects it’s safe to try at home). Consequently, viewers are able to interact with the campaign. These features have helped Blendtec’s campaign to succeed.

Tippex – Tipper Experience

Tippex, which makes liquid paper/white out, has run a campaign showing a video of a hunter and a bear titled “A Hunter Shoots a Bear”. At the end of this video, the hunter uses white out to cover the word “Shoots” in the title. Users are then invited to type in words of their choice and they will either find a video of that activity or a video of the bear or hunter telling them the video doesn’t exist.

Once again, this campaign allows users to interact with the videos by trying to find new videos and directly choosing which versions of the video to see. It also involves the product explicitly as every time a user writes in a new word, they are writing it over the white-outed part of the screen, reminding them of the product being advertised.

Do you make sure that viewers can interact with your YouTube marketing campaigns? Do you make sure the product is an integral part of the campaign?

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