Writing newsworthy press releases

Not every press release is aimed at the media but those that are will need to have certain characteristics to gain media attention. One of the foremost amongst these is the characteristic of being newsworthy. A newsworthy press release contains something that the general public will find interesting and that the media will be happy to use. Without this feature, your press release is likely to silently disappear.

Newsworthy Press

Making a press release newsworthy used to be just about the most important aspect of writing a release. If it wasn’t newsworthy, it wouldn’t be picked up by the press and if it wasn’t picked up by the press then no one would see it. The Internet has changed all of that. It’s now possible to write press releases that find a wide readership without ever getting picked up by the media. However, there will still be plenty of occasions that a business wants to get press attention. So this post will look at how to write newsworthy press releases.


One of the most well known ways to get media attention is to carry out research. However, for many businesses, carrying out research is simply too complex and time consuming. Fortunately, most businesses will be able to carry out a survey of some variety and surveys are just as good as research when it comes to newsworthiness. The key thing to remember in this case is to make the release seem to be about the survey rather than about your business directly.

Charitable Event

If your business runs a charitable event then another option is to write a press release on the event. Once again, the press release should be primarily about the event and should only cover your business on a secondary level.Charitable Event

Local News

If you want to get attention in local news, then all sorts of different factors determine newsworthiness. For example, a new idea from a local is much more likely to get attention than it would in the national media. Similarly, if your business performs well in a competition then the local papers might be interested.

Not just newsworthy but news ready

Another thing to remember is that the media often has short deadlines and they want a media release that isn’t just newsworthy but also one that will take little effort to prepare for publication or broadcast. So try to write in a professional and suitable, news ready style.

Have you managed to have a newsworthy press release picked up by media?

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