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Social media is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it presents a whole new way for businesses to reach out to their customers and a curse because getting involved with social media can be exceptionally time consuming. Despite this, I want to suggest that, for at least some companies, it’s worth signing up for Pinterest, a social media site based around images which is just starting to take off.

Pinterest Images

Pinterest is all about sharing images. The basic idea is that users pin images to boards and other users can then repin these. They can also follow either a user, as a whole, or one of the user’s boards. At the moment, the vast majority of the images shared are repins and this reflects the fact that users of Pinterest seem to be highly engaged. Consequently, while followers are rarer than on some social networks, the site can be a good way of encouraging potential customers to interact with your business.

With social networks continuing to pop up all over the place, you need a strong reason to sign up for a new one. Fortunately, compared to a lot of sites, getting involved with Pinterest is not too time consuming. Other than pining your images, you can mostly avoid having to spend a significant amount of time maintaining a presence. This suggests that you need less of a reason to commit to a campaign on this social network than some other sites. Let’s look at some reasons.
Targeted customer base
One reason to consider marketing your business through Pinterest is that it targets a different audience to many social networks. Because of the visual nature of the site, an account here can help to bring in people that may be less engaged by traditional text based social networking site. At the moment, the majority of site users are female. This allows for well-targetted campaigns. Of course, both of these features suggest that Pinterest is most suited for particular types of businesses. For example, those with a female customer base whose products are visually interesting will find ample marketing opportunities on the site.
Pinterest Target Mkt
Engaged customer base

Pinterest manages to retain a larger number of users and also has a user base that engages in substantial repinning. There have also been reports suggesting that the site drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. Which isn’t bad for a site that’s growing rapidly but is still fairly small. These two factors, high user engagement and growing referrals to websites, makes Pinterest potential very useful for businesses.

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