Marketing with Twitter’s “promoted” products

When Twitter first gained popularity the only real way to market your business through the site was by setting up a standard account and trying to get followers. Since then, however, they have added a whole rank of promoted products to help you reach the huge number of people who visit the site every day.Tweet Followers

200 million is the number to remember. Twitter has over 200 million users and there are more than 200 million tweets every day. This makes for a massive number of potential customers. These days, Twitter gives you a number of tools to reach out to them and this post will have a look at each of these.

Promoted Tweets

Just like you can advertise on Facebook and other social networking sites, you can pay for promoted Tweets. There are two main locations that these can appear. They can appear in search results for certain keywords or they can appear in the timelines of your followers or people who are similar to your follows (giving you a good chance to reach a new audience). In this case, they will appear near the top of the timeline when the user logs on meaning that they always appear at the best time for your users.

Just as with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising where you pay only when people click on your adverts, you only pay for a promoted tweet when someone interacts with it by clicking, replying, retweeting or favouriting the tweet. This means that promoted tweets have many of the same advantages as PPC advertising.

Promoted Trends and Accounts

Promoted TrendTwitter lists a series of trending topics prominently on user’s pages. Promoted Trends allow you to pay to have your topic added to this list. Users regularly look at these trends to determine interesting topics on Twitter and so this present an ideal way of drawing a large amount of attention in a short time.

Similarly, Promoted Accounts allow you to have your account listed not only in search results but also in users’ “Who To Follow” list. This gives you a chance to reach a whole new potential audience and to spread knowledge of your brand. As such, this draws in a whole new bunch of people who you can then market to in other ways.


Have you made use of Twitter’s promoted features to advertise your business?

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