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Particularly when you first start your blog, you’ll find it a challenge to bring in new readers. However, there are a multitude of people out there reading similar blogs to your own who are likely to be interested in what you have to say. This post discusses how to use networking with other bloggers as a tool to draw in readers.

There’s nothing more dispiriting than creating a compelling post only to find barely anyone reads it. More depressing is the knowledge that out there, other similar bloggers have a much higher readership. Depressing it may be but this is actually an opportunity. By networking with the people behind these, you can create an opportunity for their readers to become your readers too. This post discusses some ways of using networking to drive views.Depressing

Outward links

The simplest way of networking, though not necessarily the most effective, is including outward links in your posts. If someone begins to see you as a referral source to their own blog they’re more likely to check out your posts and then more likely to include links back to you. As with all such approaches, the popularity of the author your trying to network with matters – a blog that gets few readers doesn’t have the potential to send many readers your way.


Alternatively, instead of linking to a post, you can comment on it. If someone finds your comment insightful they might follow the link back to your own blog and it’s always possible you could get into a conversation with the post author which sets the stage for some later opportunities. Comments should be insightful though and not feel like advertising.


Returning the favour

If someone links to you, it can sometimes be worth linking back to them. Also, if another blog author comments on one of your posts, it can be worth trying to start a back and forth conversation. Not only might this lead to them linking to you again in the future but it sets the stage for trying one of the two tactics discussed in the remainder of this post.

Interviews as a networking tool

If there’s a prominent blogger in your field, interviewing them can be a powerful networking technique. For a start, they’re likely to link to the interview thus driving readers your way. It will also make them aware of your blog and so more likely to link to you in the future.

Don’t forget when you post the interview to make sure the surrounding posts will be of interest to the same audience. There’s no point drawing people to your blog if you can’t convince them to keep reading.

Writing guest posts

Alternatively, you could contact a prominent blogger and ask if they’re looking for guest authors. A compelling guest post gives you a chance to promote yourself to a new audience and helps you forge links with the blogger in question.

Have you used networking to promote your blog?

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