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When you consider your YouTube marketing campaign it’s natural to spend a lot of time thinking about the video itself and then how to promote it. Equally importantly, though, is to think carefully about the details you fill in when you upload the video. While the process takes only a few minutes, it sets the stage for the success or failure of your marketing campaign.YouTube2

You’ve spent ages developing an exciting video marketing campaign and now you just want to get it onto YouTube so you can start promoting it. At this stage, it’s possible to get overexcited and rush the uploading process. However, the details you fill in at this stage will determine how potential viewers find your campaign and what they see when they do. Getting the details of the upload stage right is crucial to running a good YouTube marketing campaign.

Fortunately, a simple rule will set you on the right track: When filling in these details, think about what the viewer will see first. Given time, you might be lucky enough for your YouTube campaign to generate enough buzz that it becomes self promoting. However, to begin with, a substantial number of viewers will come across it by searching. When you upload your video to YouTube you have the opportunity to determine how it will appear to someone searching the site. The rest of the post will consider what you can do to increase your chances of getting viewers.

Video Title and Tags

When you upload your video you will be able to choose a title. This will be one of the first things that people notice when they scan the search results so make it catchy. The above example has a title which suggests that the video will show an iPod being blended. This is an immediately catchy idea and your title should serve the same role: It doesn’t need to sell the product that you’re marketing but it should sell the video itself.

Equally importantly, the title and tags play a large part in determining what searches your campaign will turn up in response to. Think about the search keywords you want to target and make sure to include these as tags and mention as many as possible in the title.

Uploading to YouTube and Thumbnails

YouTube doesn’t let you upload a thumbnail of your choice. However, it does let you choose between three possible thumbnails. Given that the thumbnail is the only preview of your video that viewers get to see from the search page, it’s important to make the best choice you can.

The Description

The other field you can modify is the description. This needs to serve the dual purpose of drawing viewers into the video from the search page and then helping them to find your product once they’ve watched it. In the above example, the description includes a call to action, with viewers invited to suggest new objects to be blended.

Do you take enough time getting the details right when you upload your marketing videos to YouTube?

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