Social Media Tips To Remember For 2012

It’s a new year and the new social platforms and tools keep rolling out. Some will be successful, and some will no doubt be done by the end of ’12. Whatever happens, you can count on the following principles sticking strong this year and for more to come. 

The legitimacy of Social Media really came to the fore in 2012. Businesses owners and online marketers alike who still had lingering doubts about its effectiveness had them put to rest. So, as Facebook shoots past 800 million users and the other big networks like Twitter and LinkedIn continue to grow at a rapid pace, we thought it a good opportunity to pass on some principles that will help you achieve social media marketing success in 2012.Winners

Link it up

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, tweeting, or sending an update to LinkedIn you have a great opportunity to send traffic to your website or blog. I’m not saying you should include random links just so every single post includes one, however whenever you’re posting about something that you’ve developed relevant content for, link to it.

Call people to action

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard it and it probably won’t be the last time you hear it, but there’s a good reason that people continue emphasizing the importance of call to action’s. Why? Because they work! People are very reciprocal to suggestion, and it doesn’t need to be forceful. It’s little things like requests for RT’s or asking people to comment on a status that can make a big difference to engagement with your fans/followers.

Fill out your profiles

Sounds obvious, but so many businesses get lazy and fail to properly optimize their profiles. Make sure you’ve got a quality image and an accurate description sitting next to your name. It will make your profile more attractive, and it will help potential customers/clients find you via search.

Button up

This is another obvious one, but still something that gets left out a lot more than it should. If you’ve taken the time to invest in social media, you should also invest in social media buttons to help people find your profiles. Include social buttons everywhere you can: your website, blog, email signature, directory listings etc.Social Media Icon1

Final tip

If you set it up, use it. No one’s going to be interested in fanning or following an account that hasn’t been touched in months, or even weeks. Be sure to have a solid content strategy in place that will see fresh content being posted to your accounts on a regular basis.

What social media tips do you have for ’12? 

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