Rolling With The Right Crowd On Twitter

They say it’s not what you know it’s who you know, and this is particularly true on Twitter. Many online marketers fall victim to the false assumption that recruiting thousands of fans from wherever will see them kicking goals on the micro-blogging platform, this however is certainly not the case. 


There are a number of techniques that online marketers can use to recruit large numbers of Twitter followers very quickly. While these techniques might make your follower account look fairly attractive, they’ll deliver little other benefit for your business. There are two critical things that businesses should focus on when they implement a Twitter strategy, keep reading to find out what they are.

Finding relevant people

Even if you manage to recruit 50,000 followers on Twitter, they’re not going to be much use to you unless they’re genuinely interested in your content. If they’re not interested in your content, there’s a fair chance they won’t be interested in your product or service.

There are two attributes you should be looking for in potential followers, firstly they should be geographically located to purchase your offering i.e. are in your region (if you’re a local business, if not it doesn’t matter). The second thing you want in your followers is a genuine interest in your particular industry or offering. Thankfully there are tools that can help you with this such as Follower WonkTwellow and Wefollow. Once you locate good targets with these tools, follow them!

Get involved with themUser Generated Mktg

So once you’ve found your target audience, it’s time to think about how you’re going to communicate with them. A big mistake that many businesses make is getting into the habit of tweeting at their audience. Tweeting at your audience isn’t going to make them like you, rather you need to be tweeting with them. Doing this isn’t particularly hard, you just need to follower along with people’s conversations and have some input from time to time. Remember, you only want to have a presence, so don’t be too intrusive and reply every time your followers tweet, you’ll just seem desperate.

Additionally, if you notice anyone talking about your brand be sure to thank them where appropriate, or if they have an issue you should address it promptly.

Taking these simple steps will help build awareness and position you as an authority within your niche!

Are you being selective with your Twitter following? 

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