Generating Leads With LinkedIn Answers

Imagine if there was a place where people looking for your specific product or service went and published their need for it? There is such a place, it’s called LinkedIn Answers.LinkedIn AnswerMany online marketers who use LinkedIn fail to realize there’s a lead generation gold mine sitting right under their nose, and the name of the gold mine is ‘Answers’. Many marketers dismiss it as a forum for people with too much time on their hands, or for ‘those’ people who think they know everything and want everyone else to know about it. Well maybe those people do hang out there, but do you know who else hangs out there? People with a genuine need for a particular product or service, and answers provides the perfect forum for you to show them why you solution will fit their needs. Here’s how to work it.

Searching for the right questions

So first off you need to find the best questions to give your attention to. LinkedIn makes this fairly easy for you by splitting the questions into categories and sub-categories. So if your niche was ‘mobile marketing’, you’d go to the ‘marketing’ category and then drill down to the ‘mobile marketing’ sub category. A very handy feature that LinkedIn offers is the ability to subscribe to categories/sub-categories via rss, so you’re guaranteed to be up to date with with the latest questions being asked in your niche.



So you’ve found a question that’s directly related to your area of expertise. Now, don’t jump in and throw a sales pitch down for the questioner. They’ve asked for help on something, not for a product or service offer. In addition to being instantly disregarded by the spammer, you run the risk of being marked as a spammer. So how do you do it? Simple, answer the question! Once you’ve dropped some useful advice, the next step is to post a link to a previous piece you’ve written that relates to the topic such as a blog post or a page on your website. If you don’t have one, consider creating one (there’s obviously demand for that content) or alternatively you can link to an ‘about’ page which lists your skills and experience in relation to this area. The former is much more option. The next step in the process is to send a private message to the question poster inviting them to follow up their query personally. Some will, some won’t, but the ones who do will definitely make the time spent worth while.

Are LinkedIn answers a part of your lead generation strategy? 

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