PPC Copywriting Basics

This article is targeted at online marketers and business owners just starting out with PPC ads. In it we’ll cover the basics for creating effective copy for your ads. 


Even if you come from a copywriting background, there are still some things you need to know when it comes to writing PPC ads. By incorporating the following tips for your PPC copywriting you’ll see much better performance from your PPC ads.

Keyword use

Before you got to the ad creation stage, you should have performed some keyword research which would have identified the words that your ads need to target. Now that you have these words, be sure to include them close to the beginning of the title and body of your ad. The reason for this is that words used near the beginning of the sentence are usually assigned more importance by the reader, in addition, PPC services such as Google’s will bold the keywords giving them extra prominence.

Don’t talk dollars

Unless price is a key differentiation for your product/service, it is better not to mention it in the ad copy. It’s important to remember that you’ll be nested among a bunch of ads from your direct competitors, so unless your pricing is particularly attractive, mentioning it may make your ad look mediocre. A situation where this doesn’t count is if your offering is premium quality, and you’re using the pricing aspect to pre-qualify prospects.

Segment keywords

If you’re working with hundreds or even thousands of keywords, creating unique copy for each of them is obviously unrealistic. By grouping your ads into segments, you’ll cut down your workload while still creating ads that are directly relevant to the keywords they feature for.

Establish credibility

Since you only have a few words to impress prospects, it’s important that they’re as effective as possible. Establishing credibility as quickly as possible should be high on your agenda. Examples of the types of phrases you can use to achieve this include: “Over 1,000 happy clients”, “accredited member of ABC organisation”, or “as recommended by”.

Value over brand

If your brand is new or relatively unknown in the market, it could be better to utilize copy space by emphasizing your value proposition rather than promoting your brand name. People are looking for direct benefits, and the value you can offer them will be much more interesting than a brand name they’ve never heard of before.

Brand Integrity

As you can see from these tips, ppc copywriting isn’t rocket science. You just need to put yourself in the position of your prospects and think about what would appeal to you. Be sure to constantly monitor the performance of your ads to ensure best results.

What copywriting techniques have helped your ppc campaigns? 

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