How To Use Facebook Places To Market Your Business

Many businesses are leveraging Facebook pages to promote their business, not so many are you using Facebook Places though. In this article we’ll examine how you can use the service to promote your business. 

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Remember when location based software first came out? It wasn’t that long ago, but the technology has already matured and is quite well established. Despite it’s maturity, there are many businesses that still aren’t utilizing it to market themselves. In our article last month we looked at ways you could benefit from using Facebook places, and this month we’ll look at specific steps for setting up with Facebook places.

1. Setup your account

The first thing you need to do is search for your business, as Facebook have already loaded their database with local companies, so customers might already be checking in. If there is an existing place, you’ll need to claim it. If there isn’t an existing one, you can add it to the database and then merge it with your existing page.

2. Fill out your profile

This is how people will connect with you, add in all the relevant contact details for your business including phone, email, website etc. Also include images of your business where available to help users more easily identify it while they use their GPS to find you.

3. Offer check-in incentive

The profile page isn’t limited to company information, you can use it to promote special offers to users. Your imagination is the limit here with the ability to offer customers a range of incentives for checking in. A simple option is to offer a discount on a particular product when customers check in, but if you want to get more adventurous you could ask your customers to perform certain actions when they check-in such as yelping once when the place an order at the counter, have fun with it!

4. Spy on the competition

The information on places is public, so it quite easy to jump on to your competitions place page and see what they’re up to. You can learn what kind of campaigns they’re running, and also gain insight into their customer demographics.

Spy Competition

5. Have employees check in

Your employees are a great place to start to build check-in momentum. When they check-in their whole network will see the check-in, increasing visibility and potentially causing them to come checkout your place page. It’s this small start that could be the catalyst for your company going viral courtesy of Facebook. One thing to keep in mind though is that employee check-ins should be in moderation, there’s no need for them to do it every single day and it may have the negative effect of annoying those in their networks.

Now you have an idea of the basic functionality of Facebook Places, it’s time to start utilizing it. The key to using it successfully is creativity, the more fun you can have with your places campaigns the more buzz they’ll generate and the higher their chances of going viral.

Have you seen any business utilizing Facebook Places exceptionally well?

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