The Importance Of Planning Your Blog Posts

If writing blog posts on a regular basis, it can be quite easy to lose track of where your posts are headed and what message you’re trying to convey. This is why planning plays an important role in developing your posts. 


Have you ever sat down to read a blog post, got through a couple of paragraphs and then found yourself totally lost? Don’t worry, you’re brain hasn’t stopped working. The fault lies with the writer of the blog post, they’ve obviously written their post without a plan. To plan your blog post is vital to maintaining its structure and ensuring that it flows smoothly for readers. Here are the key reasons for planning your post.

They work

If you read blog posts regularly, you would have noticed that many posts tend to look similar; Top 10 lists, how to do this, how to do that, you know what I’m talking about. While it might seem repetitive, there’s a reason these kind of posts keep getting used, and that’s because they work! The posts are well structured, and the reader knows what they should expect. Hence they create a good reading experience.

They assist in the creative process

Reviewing PlanBy putting a plan behind your post in advance and having a rough guide in mind for its structure, rather than limiting the creative process you actually enhance it. Having a guide allows your mind to focus better on the topic you’re writing on, allowing you to elaborate on the subject much more effectively.

They make content easier to digest

As mentioned above, planning creates more structure in your post and hence makes it easier for readers to follow and take in. The more free flowing your post is, the more easily readers will take on board the information you’re trying to convey. And the more they take away from it, the more likely they’ll be to share it.

Don’t treat your plan as something to be strictly adhered to

While planning might seem like something that will inhibit creativity and require you to follow a strict formula, it’s not. It’s simply a guideline to help you stay on track. Whatever the basis of your plan, you can still tweak it to make it the masterpiece post that you want and your reader will love and share with their networks.

Do you use planning for your blog posts?

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