Tips For Amplifying YouTube Marketing Results

The chances of creating a video that goes viral a similar to those of winning the lottery. However, implementing the below video strategies will provide much opportunity to amplify your YouTube marketing efffectiveness. 

YouTube is absolutely crammed with video content ranging from home productions right through to high budget sponsored content. Everyday more and more is being added, increasing the clutter of what’s already out there. For an online marketer trying to get their content seen, this sounds like a nightmare. Fortunately, at the other end of the spectrum more and more people are spending time consuming video content online (to the dismay of television networks). This mean YouTube marketing is still a handy tool, if used correctly. Here are some strategies to help amplify the effectiveness of your YouTube marketing.


Create relevant video content

Your video doesn’t need to get 1 million plus views to deliver great return, it just needs to strike a chord with your target audience. Think of it this way: if a new customer is worth $1000 to your business, and you can develop a video for $2000, then you only need to have 200 views with a conversion rate of 2% to double your investment. Sounds a lot easier in those terms doesn’t it? So, don’t worry about trying to develop a concept that will appeal to millions, think about what your target audience wants to see and create it.

Make your videos easy to discover

YouTube videos are known to rank well on search engines, and don’t forget Google owns the network so they’re not exactly going to let it languish in results. Video’s won’t automatically rank themselves though, you still need to optimize them to obtain best results. Thankfully optimizing videos on YouTube is quite simple, just remember to fill out the following three fields: Title, description, and tags.

Utilize CTA’s

It’s one thing to get people to view your video, but then what? Every video created for marketing purposes should utilize a CTA (call to action). Whether it’s suggestion to buy a product or simply navigate to a landing page, make sure you’re directing viewers to the next desired step.

Spread the word

If you’re using YouTube there’s a fair chance you’re utilizing other online marketing methods such as email, Facebook, Twitter or a blog. Whenever you create a new video, be sure to maximize exposure by posting it across all available mediums.

Spread the Word

Pay for extra exposure

If you’ve got some money left in your budget post production, you might want to consider increasing your views by posting some ads. YouTube ads are still comparatively cheap to run, and you could consider supplementing these with Facebook ads, Google ads, or even promoting on a blog with a relevant audience.

How do you promote your YouTube content?

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