Press Releases In The Modern Era Of Publishing

While technology has gone forward in leaps and bounds over the last decade forcing marketers to adapt or be left behind, PR hasn’t moved forward so quickly. 

PR ServicePR however has been a bit more sheltered from the rapid change. Unfortunately, this gradual change has led to some PR professionals being caught off guard and all of a sudden realizing that they’ve fallen out of touch with the latest techniques for effective press release creation. 

For the youngsters who don’t know where the the term ‘press release’ originated, we need to go back to the time before the web. In this time, the reason you created a press release was to get the press to talk about you. Usually the release would be sent straight to a publication, and only be seen by a couple of staff such as reporters and editors. Back then, you were at the complete mercy of the publisher as to whether or not your press release would be seen by the public.

Going direct

Thankfully things have changed, and because of the web you no longer need to rely solely on the media to expose your press release to the public. Every business now has the opportunity to become a publisher and get their press releases to their target audience directly via the online press release. Having the ability to create and publish press releases at your will doesn’t mean you should start pumping them out though, it’s very important to know when a press release is and isn’t appropriate.

Put your publisher hat on

Smart modern marketers realize that content is one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal, therefore they need to curate and deliver it with the care of a high volume publication. To ensure this is done effectively, you need a solid content strategy. To create a strategy, it’s important to know firstly who your target audience is, and then to consider very carefully which content will be most relevant and interesting to them. Not only do businesses need to create content that entertains and informs their audience, they also need to know how to convert readers into customers/clients.Publishing Digital

The takeaway

Creating a successful press release can still deliver considerable benefits for a business, and with the freedom modern businesses have to create and distribute these there’s no reason not to utilize this tool. The key is to be proactive and be on the front foot with creating your press releases.

Have you adapted to the modern requirements of press releases?



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