Simple But Powerful Tips For SEM Dominance

Anyone with a website knows that SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a never ending battle against search engine algorithm changes and your competitors. In this article we’ll share some tips for achieving SEM dominance. 


Whether Google’s latest ‘Panda’ update sent your website tumbling down the rankings, or cashed up competitors are stealing your spots on the first page, you know how tough it can be to run a SEM program. In this article we’ll share a few tips you may not already be aware of for sharpening up your SEM strategy and beating off the competition.

Check your local listings

Many businesses forget to make sure all their local listings are completely and correctly filled out to match up with the information on their website. This includes your Google local business listing, along with Yellow pages, Yahoo etc.

Make sure your page loads fast

The longer your page takes to load, the more adverse the effects will be on bounce rates and conversions. You should strive for a load time of under 2 seconds, while anything over 10 seconds will have significant negative effects.

Bouncing will downgrade your rankings

Google has acknowledged that high bounce rates have a negative effect on rankings. The aim of this is to reward landing pages that have high quality content. So, if people are arriving on your pages and quickly going back to search results this will be dropping your pages down the rankings. Ensure your landing have high quality, relevant content.

Make the user experience a personalized one

Personal ThumbPrint

Another factor to take into consideration is that Google now deliver personalized search results based on previous searches and browsing activity. This means that the more times a user visits your website, the higher your site will appear for future searches by that user. The takeaway here is to deliver a personalized experience for users which will make them want to return, in turn your site will continue to rank highly for them.

Consider browsers

It can be easy to fall into the trap of assuming everyone uses the same browser as you, and only optimizing your site for that particular platform. This can be a terrible false assumption which could be leading to much higher bounce rates than your site deserves. It’s not difficult to prevent this, simply checkout your analytics to see what percentages of users are using which platforms and ensure that your site is optimized for the browsers which the majority of users are operating on.

Final tip – eternal vigilance

As mentioned above, SEM is an ongoing battle. Just because your site is ranking well right now doesn’t mean it will be in two weeks time, or even tomorrow. To ensure you maintain SEM dominance, keep a constant eye out for changes in search engine algorithms, quickly moving competitors, and also make an effort to spend a certain amount of time reading up on SEM best practices.

What are your tips for SEM dominance? 

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