Four Things To Consider Before Launching Your Social Media Campaign

In this article we’ll look at four important considerations to take on board before embarking on your social media campaign. 

Many business owners make the false assumption that a social media campaign will make their business a roaring success, regardless of what other preparation they’ve done. The common scenario is that a business owner develops an idea, and after pouring hours of their time and effort as well as funds into it, become convinced that their concept is the best on the market. Combined with the stories they’ve heard about other businesses being launched into the stratosphere courtesy of social media campaigns, they think all they need is a clever idea and a couple of social media accounts to start raking in the big bucks.


Unfortunately the reality is much different. While some people do come up with truly unique concepts, many ideas are just a variation on the same idea that someone else had, meaning you’re going to have some stiff competition. Additionally, social media is highly accessible, so there’s little barrier for your competition to use the exact same medium as you.

Hold on though, before you shelf your idea keep reading. I’m not trying to say that your business can’t be a success or that a social media campaign should be ignored. Your business can still be a roaring success, but you’ll need more than an idea and a Facebook account. Below are four things that you should take into consideration before you put all your eggs in the social media basket which will put you on a much more likely path to success.

What are you selling? 

Yes, it sounds stupidly obvious. You’d be surprised though how many entrepreneurs get tongue tied when you ask them exactly what they offer. If you can’t explain what you’re selling how can you expect to communicate it via a social media campaign? If your offering is intangible, you need to figure out how to put its benefits in tangible terms.

How will you build your business? 

Okay, so you might have a small quantity of stock ready to ship straight out of your garage or a bunch of hours to offer your service. But what if your social media campaign does bring in hundreds of customers in the first few days? Will you be able to cater for them? If not, those potential customers could become potential complainers who post negative reviews about your business. You need a solid plan in place to cater for growth.

Who is your target market? 

You’ve figured out what you’re selling, and how you’re going to provide it. Now you need to figure out who you want to sell it to. Having an in depth understanding of your target market is immensely important to developing content for your social media campaign. If you don’t understand your target market, it’s very unlikely you’ll have an effective content strategy.

How will you convert? 

While social media is great for building awareness, an area people aren’t so savvy with is using it to convert sales. Don’t assume that it will just happen, you need to do some research on creating effective CTA’s and implementing them in your social media campaign.

The key is planning.


While starting a new business is very exciting, it’s important not to let the excitement lead to taking shortcuts in the planning phase. Running a social media campaign is a great way to help get your business off the ground, but without putting an effective business strategy in place your campaign is doomed from the outset.

Have you launched or are you in the process of launching a business? What were the most important aspects of the planning phase for you? 

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