5 Ways Facebook Places Marketing Can Be Utilized

Although it’s been around for a little while now, location based software is a technology which still hasn’t reached it’s full maturity, hence offering strong opportunity for marketers to capitalize on its benefits. 

If you’re new to location based marketing, Facebook places is a good place to start. Many would argue that a specialized service like foursquare is more appropriate, but here are my reasons for recommending places to start. Firstly, Facebook has the largest user base of any social network which means the majority of your target audience are most likely already on there and familiar with the platform. Secondly, YOU are probably using Facebook already, so you’ll be more comfortable with setting up a campaign on the platform.Location Based

Here are 5 ways to utilize Facebook places marketing:

1. Promoting Location

Sounds obvious right? Well it is, but there are still a large number of businesses who utilize Facebook pages but not Facebook places. By claiming your ‘place’ and merging it with your page, your business will inadvertently receive exposure every time someone ‘checks-in’.

2. Location Based Discounts and other Offers

While foursquare certainly popularized the use of gaming in location marketing e.g. first 100 people to check in receive a free so and so etc. these kind of campaigns can also be run with Facebook places. The beauty of running these campaigns is that they allow you to put offers in front of consumers when they’re geographically positioned for an immediate transaction.

3.  Timed Advertising

All smart marketers want to reach their target market close to when they’re making a purchase decision. As alluded to in the previous point, facebook places marketing allows marketers to deliver a targeted message to consumers when they’re at the place of purchase. This is quite powerful, as it allows marketers to discover what kind of messages are most effective in delivering conversion at the point of sale.Smart Phones

4. Increase Exposure

When someone checks in at a place, this action is automatically fed into their timeline meaning that they’re followers will also see the activity. Given the average Facebook user has 100+ friends, this means every time someone checks in to your place you’ll get free exposure to their network. This is great exposure for two reasons. Firstly, by checking in the customer is effectively recommending your business to their friends. Secondly, a lot of people in their network will likely have similar interests to them, meaning your brand is being exposed to your target audience.

5. Consumer Info

Facebook places can deliver very useful data about your consumers and their behavior in relation to your business. Such data includes number of check ins, check in times, who they check in with. If comments are left with the check ins you can gain further valuable insights.

So now you understand how Facebook places marketing can be utilized, the next step is to start utilizing it. Keep an eye out for our post with tips on how to use the service.

Are you utilizing Facebook places in your online marketing strategy?

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