Social Commerce: How To Utilize It

Many ecommerce stores bank on social media driving all the traffic they’ll need to have sales flooding in. This article will guide you on the best ways to utilize social commerce. Social Media Icon6

The internet is flooded with new ecommerce start-ups. Many professionals around the world are quitting the 9 to 5 so they can chase the online dream. Many of these entrepreneurs have heard the multitude of ecommerce success stories, many of which have been successful thanks to social media. Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs know the best ways to utilize social media. Below are some key points to assist in developing your social commerce strategy.

The keyword is SOCIAL

If you want to be successful with social commerce, you need to remember that it’s social. Don’t think of the commerce side as a seperate entity to your social presence. Instead, try to integrate it as smoothly as possible into the overall experience. Make the progression from social engagement to transaction as smooth as possible. Before you think about selling, think about building meaningful relationships with your potential customers. Once you’ve done this, the sales will flow naturally.


Foster exclusivity

The reason people will follow you on social networks is to gain benefits the wouldn’t receive otherwise. Therefore, you should make a concerted effort to reward those who choose to follow you with these benefits. There are many examples of how you can do this; discount coupons, giveaways, inside info, follower only offers.. Your imagination is the only boundary.

Don’t put your followers to sleep

No one is interested in a bunch of boring content. If the content you’re posting on social networks is boring and not relevant to your target audience, your relationship with them is bound to falter. If the relationship falters, so will your sales. Luckily, there are many options available for delivering great content to your audience. Images, video, interactive apps and more are at your finger tips, and with a bit of ingenuity all can be created on a shoe string budget.

Keep an eagle eye on your audience

Once of the best benefits of social media is that it allows you to get a more in depth look at what your customers want. It allows to interact at a more personal level, and garner the information you need to improve the social commerce experience for your current and future customers. An easy way to get feedback is to ask for it. If you have an engaged audience they’ll most be happy to share their thoughts for free, if they’re not quite so engaged you can try offering incentive such as a discount or giveaway.


Social commerce is here to stay. The key is persistence. If you’re not getting results right now it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it simply means you need to take a look at how you’re doing things and adjust it. Mastering social commerce is a never ending task which requires constant innovation. If you’re diligent with monitoring what is and isn’t working, and shifting your strategy to meet this, you’ll be on track for social commerce success.

What are your biggest challenges in social commerce?

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