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With the world becoming more and more mobile, people are not only reading blog posts from their hand held devices, but creating them as well. 

The days I’ve strapping yourself to the desk to punch out a blog post are well and truly gone. With today’s mobile gadgetry a blogger can churn out a post whenever and from wherever they like – all they need is a mobile phone. Whether they want to take a snap of their lunch and post it on their blog, or manage comments on their posts, virtually any blogging related activity is available from a mobile device.Mobile Usage

If you’re looking to break the shackles of the desk or laptop and enjoy the freedom of mobile blogging, here are some of the best tools you can use to do it.


One of the most well known and commonly used blogging platforms on the market, it’s no surprise that WordPress has an app for nearly every mobile device:  iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows and more are covered by the device. The apps let you do all the important stuff such as editing pages, writing posts, uploading photos and managing comments. Whether you use the hosted ( or self-hosted ( their apps have got you covered.


Another of the most popular blogging platforms, Blogger offers a range of options for blogging on the go. One particular option, ‘Blogger Mobile‘, allows you to create posts from any sms or email enabled device. With the SMS service you simply send an image, text or both to a phone number and it is automatically turned into a blog post. The email function works in a similar manner, except you send your posts via email rather than sms.


Posterous is an up and comer on the blogging scene which offers a solid set of mobile blogging features via iPhone or Android devices. In addition to the smartphone apps, Posterous also offer a ‘mail-to’ option which makes any email enabled device a platform for creating posts.


Highly popular with bloggers and general users alike, Instagram allows iPhone users to take photos, upload them to instagram (with captions) and get instant feedback from viewers. If you like, you can also include geolocation information with your snap. Instagram also integrates with a range of other platforms including Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous, making it easy to share your pics with a larger audience.



The rapidly emerging micro-blogging platform Tumblr offers mobile posting via mobile devices and gmail. With the gmail option you can post images, text and videos to your Tumblr account via an email. Tumblr also offers apps for iPhone and Android with nearly all the functionality available from a desktop or laptop.


If podcasts and audio are more your thing, then you’ll love Cinchcast. Cinchcast makes it easy to create audio content and share it on your blog via an embedded player. Additionally, your posts can be shared on Facebook, iTunes and Twitter.

What tools do you use for mobile blogging? 

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