YouTube Marketing 101 (Part 2)

YouTube is a phenomenon which continues to grow rapidly. If you’re not utilizing it in your online marketing mix, it’s high time you considered it. In this two part 101 on YouTube Marketing, we’ll give you the basics for developing an effective presence.YouTube for Business

In part 1 we covered off on the importance of having compelling content, and optimizing so it can be found more easily, hence increasing views. In part 2, we focus on using YouTube as an advertising platform, and also analyzing the performance of your videos and ads.

Use YouTube Ads

Industry pros refer to YouTube ads as the last frontier of online advertising – while everyone knows about Google and Facebook ads, and more and more using LinkedIn ads, a lot of people still are not utilizing the video network’s ads.

YouTube ads work just like Google ads, when people enter a search query, a thumbnail and description of an advertised video that matches the keywords in the query will appear at the top of results. Which ad appears is determined by a bidding system similar to that of adwords i.e. the highest bidder gets preference, and the higher the competition for keywords the more you’ll need to bid.

Due to the low uptake at this point, the network’s ads are considerably cheaper at a per view level than their counterparts on other platforms. Given that videos have can have much greater impact on the viewer than a bit of text and a small image, YouTube ads present significant value if used correctly. Another point in their favor is that you don’t pay for a view when a user clicks on your ad, but rather when they actually view the video, ensuring you get what you pay for.

YouTube Ads

Call To Action

If you have a promoted video, another advertising method opens up to you – Call To Action (CTA) ads. If you’ve watched a few YouTube videos you would have seen these before, they’re the messages that pop up inside the viewing screen with active links to external pages. These allow you to take the viewer from the video right through to a customized landing page.

If you produce a lot of videos, and have some which include obsolete or out of date information, these CTA overlays can be particularly useful for directing people to more up to date content without the need to delete the old video.

A company who are particularly proficient with marketing on the network are Blendtec – see in this video below how they utilize a CTA overlay to direct viewers to their Facebook page.

Leverage Other Platforms

Don’t leave your videos stranded on YouTube by themselves – spread them across your other profiles as well. You can include them on your blog, facebook page, link to them from twitter – or even embed them on your website. Also consider stumbleupon which is AWESOME for driving website traffic (surpassing Facebook this year for driving U.S website traffic).

Use YouTube Insights

As with other social platforms, you should be keeping a close eye on your analytics. Insights will allow you to see which content is resonating most with your target audience and you can use this info to help guide you in deciding what videos to create in the future.

Have you included YouTube in your online marketing yet? Are you seeing returns?

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