How To Reuse Your Blog Post As A Press Release

The format of a blog post is very similar to that of a press release, making them the perfect source of content for your next release. 

We all know the importance of streamlining your social media efforts. We also know that one of the biggest challenges with social media is creating content. A great way to cut down on the amount of time spent creating content is to re-purpose or recycle content across different mediums. Given their strong similarities in format, blog posts are a great source of content for press releases. Below you’ll find a simple guide on how to effectively convert your blog posts into newsworthy press releases.

Newspaper RubbishIs it newsworthy: Not every blog post will be suitable for conversion into a press release. A key consideration is whether the blog post is ‘newsworthy’. The kind of topics that would be considered newsworthy include:

  • Awards that your business has won (or awarded)
  • Major new product/service announcements
  • Hiring of key employees
  • Results from a customer survey
  • Case studies of client success
Examples of topics which aren’t newsworthy include:
  • Product/service reviews
  • Commentary on a particular industry/event/news
  • How to/step by step guides
  • ’10 of the best’ type posts

Check the headline: While most blog post headings consist of just the heading, press releases will often have a sub heading which emphasizes what makes the article unique. Think of it as ‘support’ for the headline. One thing that stays the same for both formats though is keywords, be sure to include these near the start of your headline.

Important info first: There’s no guarantee that people are going to stick around to read your whole press release. This is why it’s important to put key information in the first line/s of your release e.g. who, what, when, why, where and how.

Write as the company, not yourself: Even if you’re posting on the company blog, you’ll generally write from a first person perspective as it tends to be more engaging. This is not the same for a press release though. This is a more formal piece and should be written from a third party perspective.

Include a resource box: The point of a press release is not only to spread awareness, but to build interest and generate responses/enquiries. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you via a descriptive resource box.

Check out how your competitors do it: No doubt either your direct competitors or businesses in related industries issue press releases. Research these to get a better idea of formatting, and pick out the elements you think will work well for you.

Spy Competition

Where do you normally source content for your press releases?

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