What You Need To Know About The New Twitter

If you’re an avid micro blogger you’d no doubt know that Twitter gave their interface a major overhaul last Thursday. In this post we’ll look at the key things you need to know about the new look Twitter. Tweet1

In 2011 the social networking scene has mostly been dominated by the launch of Google+, and then the cascade of changes to the Facebook interface. Now the team behind the tweets are stealing some thunder back with the release of an all new interface. This update is the most comprehensive Twitter have made since they started – and covers their website, smartphone (iphone and android) apps, and even their social media management app Tweetdeck. So, how is it going to effect the way you use the network?

Simple content discovery

Simplicity has always been one of the key ingredients that’s allowed the Twitter network to thrive. This was reflected at the launch event for the new interface where Founder Jack Dorsey and CEO Dick Costolo were careful to iterate that the redesign was focused on making the use of Twitter “simpler.” Previously, one major barrier to entry for a lot of users was not ‘getting’ the platform. For example, many people didn’t understand how the whole hashtag (#) and @ thing worked. With the new interface, it’s now much easier to find content and context around a particular tweet. It’s also much easier to find and follow accounts that are relevant to your interests. The main goal of this is was to make the platform more accessible to a wider audience, and they appear to have achieved this.

Brand your tweets

While a lot of businesses already have accounts on Twitter, they’re limited to the same functionality as personal profiles. Just like Google+ and Facebook, businesses can now have branded pages on the network. According to Advertising Age, Twitter’s branded pages will allow for larger customized logos and extended tag-lines.  Another key feature will be the ability to highlight tweets in the timeline of their page – giving them the ability to promote their top content. Branded pages will be available to all businesses large and small at no cost.

The news network

Over the last couple of years Twitter has proven itself very deft at disseminating news stories as they break, often a lot more quickly than the traditional news networks are able to. This has lead to many news services integrating feeds into their broadcasts. With the new update, the network has also added a ‘discover’ tab which presents the most relevant news type content specially tailored for each user. What makes this significant is that it gives people a reason to visit daily, whether they have anything to say or not.

Overall, the reaction from users and commentators to the changes seems to be quite positive. It will be interesting to see in coming months whether Twitter’s move to make the service more accessible will convert to higher user numbers.

What do you think of the new Twitter interface?

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