One Irrefutable Reason That All B2B’s Should Use LinkedIn

Are you STILL putting off creating a LinkedIn profile? Really? 

Traffic to your website

Did you know that every single one of the Fortune 500 companies is represented on LinkedIn? Not only that, 499 of them are represented by director level and above employees. Those guys aren’t in the Fortune 500 because they’re bad at business, and if 100% of them think it’s worthwhile being on the network then there’s a fair chance it’s got some merit right? Not convinced? Okay, here’s the irrefutable reason your business should have a presence on LinkedIn.

A bunch of potential clients are there waiting

It’s as simple as that. Whatever industry you’re in, you’re guaranteed to find hundreds or even thousands of your target market on LinkedIn. With 135 million users in 200 different countries, and the user base growing by 5 every 10 seconds, you can see why I’m so confident that you’ll find a lot of prospects there. If you want to check it yourself, simply visit the site and perform a search for targeted prospects (feel free to leave a comment with how many you find). So, now that you understand joining LinkedIn is a ‘must do’ and you’ve gone ahead and created a profile, here are some tips for getting in touch with those prospects you’re so keen to turn into clients/customers.Social Network3

Tips for connecting with prospects on Linkedin

Use advanced people search: Utilizing advanced people search is the best way to find targeted prospects on LinkedIn. In addition to searching by industry, you can also search on parameters such as job title. Very hand if you’re trying to get in touch with the chief procurement officer.

Use targeted ads: The network’s advertising option allows you to get your ads in front of very high quality prospects. However, to get the most out of them, be sure to make them very targeted. Define your ads for people with specific variables such as geography and interests, doing this will ensure much higher response rates than ads targeted at a generic group.

It’s not ‘set and forget’: Like all the social networks, you can’t just set up a profile and expect prospects to start beating on your door. It’s all about human interaction, so you need to be prepared to do the hard yards if you want to build profitable relationships with prospects. It’s a bit like networking in real life, if you don’t turn up to the events you’re not going to make any connections. Except you don’t have to dress up to network on LinkedIn, you just need to log in and start getting involved in the various options for interaction such as: answers, groups, and discussions.

Create a good profile!

Now that you’ve decided to take the important step of getting on board with LinkedIn, don’t hamper your prospecting efforts with a half baked profile. If you need some tips for getting the most out of your profile, check this post out.

Do you use LinkedIn for prospecting?

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