How To Improve CTR And Conversion Rates On PPC Campaigns

There are two important factors involved with obtaining good returns on your PPC campaign,  firstly your CTR (click through rate), and secondly conversions. In this article we’ll look at ways to improve each of these. Business Growth

To start with we’ll cover some tips for improving your CTR. Without a good CTR you won’t get much traffic, and without traffic you’ll have nothing to convert.

Simple methods for improving CTR

Split test: Trialing different variations of your ad text is key to finding the combination that resonates most with your target audience. If you haven’t done this before, you simply run 2 or 3 different variations of an ad concurrently and see which one returns the best results. Once this is clear simply drop the poorer performer, and put in a new ad. By doing this on an ongoing basis you’ll constantly refine your ads to have better and better CTR.

Raise your bids: Many people think it’s better to be stingy and reduce their bidding amounts, thinking the less they spend the higher their ROI will be. While this is logical, the less you spend the lower your ads will appear and the less clicks you’ll receive. The less clicks you receive the less potential sales you’ll have.

Do something different: Often ads that are a bit different and stand out from the crowd will out perform more generic ads. Making your ad stand out isn’t necessarily all about the words you use either. The amount of words you use can have just as much effect. For example, most ads have the same format: Headline, line 1, line 2, url. If you can condense your ad down to the headline and first line, you’ll already have an ad that looks significantly different to the rest.

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Improving Conversions

Give them what the clicked on: What I mean by this is that you make sure you send people clicking on your ad to a page which has what was promised in the ad. For example, if you promised Nike shoes with a 40% discount, send people who click to a landing page which features the Nike shoes with a 40% discount. If you don’t provide them with what you promised in the ad straight away you can count on them navigating else where just as quickly.

Have a prominent CTA: Be sure to include a prominent CTA (call to action) on your landing page. If you’ve advertised a certain product or service for sale, and people click on it, they’re obviously interested in buying. So make it easy for them to do this with a prominent ‘buy now’ button. If you’ve advertised some kind of free giveaway such as an ebook in order to capture signups, be sure to have a ‘sign up now’ area that can’t be missed.

Keep on testing: As you progress with your PPC campaigns you’ll start to notice certain ad groups deliver higher conversion rates than others. The key is to trialing different ad groups and finding which ones work best for you. Don’t get caught up making microscopic changes to the same old campaigns and hoping for big improvement – think outside the square and consider big changes you can make to your ads and see how they go.

The beauty of PPC campaigns

For my final point, I’d like to point out the best thing about PPC campaigns: they’re cheap. Unlike TV ads are other marketing methods, there’s virtually no setup cost and you can spend as much or as little as you want on campaigns. This means you can test many different variations to see what works best for you and it won’t blow your budget.

What tips do you have for improving CTR and conversion rates on PPC campaigns?

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