Tips For Flourishing Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be pretty touchy, especially if you’re not really sure how you should be setting them up. One campaign might nose dive while another sky rockets and you’ve got no idea why. The tips in this post will help you get more of the latter, and help you understand why. 


Whether you’re a Facebook fanatic or just an occasional user, you would have seen the array of ads displayed in the sidebar. Anyone can set these ads up and use them to drive traffic to either their fan page or an external url.

What makes Facebook ads special is the pin point targeting potential they provide. You can define your target audience based on standard demographic options such as age, gender, location, relationship status etc. Where it gets interesting though is in the areas of interests, occupation, employer and connections. These kind of options allow you to be very concise in choosing exactly who sees your ads.

Here are some key tips to help you get the most out of the next facebook ad campaign you set up:

Don’t start with the hard sell

People don’t generally log in to Facebook with the same intent as when they walk into a shopping mall. What I mean is, they’re not going there looking to whip out there credit card and make some purchases. In light of this, don’t try to drive them directly to your shopping cart with your ad. Instead, send them to your fan page and give them some incentive to ‘like’. Then you can start building a relationship which will deliver many more benefits if done well, such as ongoing purchases and referrals.

Ask a question?

Studies have shown using a question in the headline to give up to 50% higher click through rates than a normal headline. It’s fairly easy to implement, for example if you’re running a promo where you’re giving away free shoes it could be a simple as “Want free shoes?”

Use the targeting options

A lot of Facebook ad noobs don’t bother utilizing the advanced targeting options that Facebook offer. They’ll just jump in and select their relevant city or state and that’s as far as the targeting goes. This might work if you have a very broad demographic, but in most situations it’s better to be more targeted. The key is to think about who your target audience is and reflect this in the targeting options you select. If you’re a local cafe specializing in vegetarian dishes it wouldn’t make much sense to target everyone in your state. In this situation you’d want to target your immediate city, or suburbs if available. You could also consider targeting based on those interested in “vegetarian”, “vegan” etc.Customers1

Have a relevant landing page

If you see an add promoting free coupons at your local burger bar and then click on it, you expect to get taken to a page with free coupons right? A mistake many businesses make is sending their click through’s to a generic welcome page rather than the specific offer they’d mentioned in the ad. The key here is to not make people search for the offer you speak about in your ad. In most instances they’ll just get frustrated and leave your page, meaning you’ve paid for a click and got nothing for it. If you mention a specific offer, product or service in your ad, make sure users are taken directly to it when the click.

Split test

If you’ve run display ads before you’ll know the importance of not putting all your eggs in one basket. The best way to get most efficiency from your ads is to trial different variations and see which ones deliver the best results, and then tweak the ads based on this.

Final tip

Don’t stop testing! Even if you achieve great results with one campaign, don’t think it’s time to kick back and just let it run. Even the best campaigns will lose their edge as the target audience becomes saturated with the message. Therefore it’s important to be checking your ads on a very regular basis and constantly refining them to ensure they’re delivering optimal results and ROI.

What tips do you have for running successful Facebook ads?



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