What The Humble Spammer Can Teach You About Email Marketing

You might think spammers are the last people you’d want to learn email marketing techniques from, but how do you think these guys manage to make a living and continue plying their trade? They’ve become good at what they do. No Spam EmailHopefully, the intent behind your own email marketing campaigns will be a lot less sinister than that of a spammer. This doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from the way they operate though. After all, they’re only a legitimate product away from being professional email marketers! Here are some of the key strategies employed by spammers which you can utilize in your own email marketing campaigns.

Know what you want from your campaign

A lot of email marketers tend to waste a lot of time sending emails which have no specific intent. Sure they might want to build ‘brand awareness’ or ‘industry position’ – but how do you measure these things? They’re quite broad, and the marketer behind them has usually thrown them in just to show they have some goals. The spammer is not so loose in their intent – they know exactly what they want from their evil campaign. Whether it’s access to your bank account or some other personal details they can leverage, they have a clear and concise goal in mind – as should you.

Leverage list data

Spammers are very savvy with collecting your details and refining their campaigns to be more relevant based on that information. This is an area where you should have a big advantage over the spammers. Where they have to deceive in order to capture details, as a legitimate business you can offer genuine reasons for obtaining extra information. Unfortunately many businesses don’t bother to make any effort to get past the point of name and email, and keep sending out the same standard format campaign to everyone on their list. The takeaway here is to firstly gather as much information about your list as possible, then use this info to create campaigns of higher relevancy to your list.

Consider what’s trending

One way that spammers maintain their click through and open rates is by using content which is topical or trending. People love knowing what’s going on around them, particularly if it’s gossipy type information. That’s why news programs and trash mags/blogs have enjoyed so much success over the years. By including the latest news and information relevant to your industry, and including the content in your subject and body content, you’ll not only enjoy high open rates – your list will actually be hanging out for your next email.Trending now

Utilize familiarity

Have you noticed how spammers like to use your name or email address in their subject line or ‘from’ address? It’s because they’re trying to play on familiarity and trust. Building familiarity and trust with your email list is critical to keeping them as subscribers and maintaining open rates. The key to this is getting off on the right foot, make sure the first email they receive from you reminds them of why and how they arrived on your list. If they signed up at a trade show, thank them for visiting your booth and joining the list. If they signed up via a competition, thank them for entering and take it from there.

Final point

A lot of businesses tend to take their email list for granted, and see the monthly newsletter as a bit of a chore to create. Spammers on the other hand see the immense potential value in their list and work extremely hard to gain whatever they can from it. All email marketers should view their list in this way, and be constantly on the lookout for ways they can improve their campaigns. Not only will you have happier subscribers, you’ll get a lot more value from your list.

Are you as committed to email marketing success as a spammer? 

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  • These are very useful and need to know tips for everyone who plans using Email marketing to promote his business.
    I and i say this from my own personal experience, think that email marketing is the marketing strategy that offers the biggest return for the initial investment. It is really easy to set up.
    All you need is a good email template to get your potential customers interested and an email database with opt-in email addresses that you can gather on your own or buy from one of the many email list providers on line.
    To expand my from business I’ve been buying my email databases and so far it is as good as it gets.

    • Thanks for the comment Archon. Email can certainly be a very effective marketing tool when implemented properly.


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