How To Leverage Facebook For eCommerce

Given that people lend a lot more credibility to recommendations from friends and family when it comes to buying decisions, it makes a lot of sense to utilize Facebook in your eCommerce strategy.  


Every time someone makes a purchase in your eCommerce store you have an opportunity to get them to share it with their friends on Facebook and potentially generate additional sales. The network provides a great opportunity to build awareness and brand exposure, however you’ll need a strategy to integrate it with your eCommerce efforts. In this post we’ll look at ways to leverage the social network to enhance your eCommerce performance.


Engagement is essential to keeping your customers coming back for more on a regular basis. Using a mix of different content such as product images, how to videos, video reviews and testimonials are great ways to ensure your customers are constantly engaged with your brand and that it remains top of mind. Being consistent with this will let them know that they can expect fresh content whenever they visit, and encourage them to keep visiting. Be sure to make it easy for customers to share your content with their friends with prominently positioned share buttons.

Share buttons

Definitely the easiest and most basic step you can take toward having your customers share content with their network on Facebook, but I still see eCommerce sites which don’t utilize it. Including a simple ‘like’ button along side your products will make it pop up in your customers news feed when they click it, along with a link, description and image (where available). If you haven’t got share buttons on your eCommerce site, get to it right now!like sign

Be friendly

Just because your shopping online doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be personal. Try to project a personable image with your on-site content as well as through your communications on Facebook. This will help customers develop a deeper connection with your brand and increased loyalty, leading to higher chances of recommendations and ongoing sales. It will also increase the likelihood of customers sharing your content on Facebook.


Sometimes your customers will need a little bit of a push in the right direction. They may not even realize that your site offers them the functionality to share their purchases with their friends on Facebook. Don’t be afraid to include a ‘call to action’ to encourage them to do so. For example, you could include a pop up box at the checkout which asks them if they’d like to share their purchase, and shows them a preview of how it will appear. You’d be surprised how much difference a simple CTA can make to the number of shares you get.

Final word

Don’t get caught in the mind set that your eCommerce site and Facebook presence are separate entities. The more you’re able to integrate them, the more you’ll be able to leverage the promotional power of this social network to increase the sales power of your eCommerce site.

How do you leverage Facebook for eCommerce?

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