9 Writing Tips To Make Your Blog A LOT Better

Everyone acknowledges the importance of blogs in online marketing strategies. Something that isn’t acknowledged so widely though is the importance of quality writing on your blog. Working on PC

A lot of people don’t realize that it’s actually quite easy to improve your writing skills quite quickly, particularly with the number of high quality resources available online totally free. While improving your writing isn’t a once off job and requires long-term commitment, the below tips will help make a big initial improvement to your writing if implemented diligently.

#1 Grab a dictionary

Sounds obvious, but using a dictionary is very important and something a lot of people don’t do. They simply plug in words with only a vague notion of their meaning, vastly undermining the credibility of their work. Simply consulting a dictionary will help ensure this doesn’t happen.

#2 Don’t base your content on rumors

There’s already plenty of half baked content getting around on the internet, so don’t add to it. The key here is being thorough with your research and using primary sources where possible. Only using the first 3 search results that Google present to you won’t create original or authoritative content.

#3 Avoid jargon

Unless you’re absolutely certain of who your target audience is, and that they’re familiar with the jargon you’re using, try to avoid it. This won’t be the case for most blogs, as most people will want to attract as many people as possible to their blog. Using jargon will only serve to alienate readers through the extra effort required to look up the meaning of words. If you really want to use it, be sure to include definitions.

#4 Have a voice

Providing quality information that draws traffic is obviously important, but that’s not everything when it comes to blogging. What will keep people coming back to your blog for more is your unique perspective on the information you present, and the style with which you present it. One caveat to this is that your voice matches the brand image you’re trying to project with your blog.

#5 Keep your audience in mind

Only writing about things that interest you, or shamelessly promoting yourself or your business isn’t going to win you many (if any) readers. If you want to develop a legion of loyal readers, deliver content that’s relevant to your target audience. A good way to ensure you do this ongoing is to engage your audience and ask them what they want to read about.Social Site for Family

#6 Peak interest with a great headline

There’s no point in pouring your very best work into a post if it’s to be let down by a poor headline which attracts no readers. A good rule of thumb is to look at your title as a third person and think, would I want to read that? With more and more people and businesses blogging everyday, it’s increasingly important to make your content stand out with a great headline.

#7 Be concise

The average blog reader isn’t looking for posts that’ll take their whole lunch break to get through. What they are looking for is concise, punchy articles that deliver the information they’re looking for efficiently and with style. After you’ve written a post, re-read and cut it down to the info that absolutely needs to be there. You’ll be surprised how much fat you can trim off.

#8 Learn correct grammar

You’d be surprised (and probably embarrassed) how much knowledge about correct grammar has fallen out of our head since your early school years.  To get that knowledge back, sign yourself up for a crash course in grammar. Whether you attend a paid one at your local college, or utilize a free resource online – getting your grammar up to scratch will make a big difference to your writing.

#9 Check it over!

At the very least, read your posts out loud to yourself before publishing. This will help you pick up on sections of writing that don’t flow or aren’t structured correctly. Where possible, get a friend or colleague (preferably with some kind of writing credentials) to read your posts for you as well, you’ll be surprised at the little things you miss yourself.

What methods have you used to improve your writing? 



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