Timed Release: When To Send A Press Release

Sending a press release about your business is a bit like telling people about your baby, while every  little new thing might seem worthy of sharing to you, it might not be so interesting to others. 


Most small business owners and entrepreneurs are quite passionate about their businesses, and that’s a good thing! It generally makes them better at what they do. What’s not a good thing though is when this passion leads to them sharing info about their business excessively, namely via press releases.

While press releases form an important part of any PR strategy, it’s important that they’re used sparingly in order for them to maintain their effectiveness. The key is in determing what is, and what isn’t release worthy. You can use the below guide to help determine whether or not to hit the ‘send’ button next time you want to share something..

What is worthy

The kind of news/events which are generally worthy of press release are those that mark a significant occasion in your business. Examples include the launch of your new branding, the release of a major new product, or the announcement of an important strategic partnership or sponsorship. While others might not find all of these things wildly interesting, they are legitimate release topics – and you won’t lose face for talking about them.

What isn’t worthy

Items that wouldn’t warrant a press release are generally things that may happen on a weekly basis, for example: a new customer service representative, a weekend sale, or a low-level product addition. These kind of items are generally better suited to an internal email or maybe an advertisement.


5 Questions to ask

To help clarify what should and shouldn’t be included in a media release, here are five questions you should ask:

Will people take notice? Put yourself in the position of your audience, if it was someone else’s business would you be interested in hearing about it?

Does it make a difference? For something to be newsworthy, it needs to make a difference. Will it change anyone’s life or the way they operate? If not, it’s not worth a press release.

Is it better suited to another format? Perhaps it would work better on another format, such as a blog post or as notice to go up in coffee rooms. Consider all your options.

Would you read it in the paper? Once again put yourself in the third person perspective. If it was in the newspaper from another company, would you take the time to read it? Be honest!

Would you bring it up over coffee? Is it interesting enough that you’d raise it in conversation with a friend? If you don’t think that even your friends would be interested, there’s a fair chance not many other people will be.

Have you been guilty of over using press releases, or do you know someone that does?


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