How To Use Twitter Followers To Promote A Site

Social networking has taken off in a big way and with it so has the use of these sites to promote and market various products and services. However, in comparison to the likes of facebook and linkedin, not many organizations know how to use twitter effectively for this purpose.Two Birds Tweet

What is this social network at the end of the day but a means to share ideas? This simple notion has stretched the site to the extent that television news reporters will share breaking stories with their twitter followers even before they are broadcasting them on television. The majority of private users tend to follow their favourite celebrities and sport stars, all of whom will spread news of their latest film releases, autobiography publishing dates and so on. But individuals who only have friends as followers may be sometimes ashamed to turn this “non commercial” platform into an advertising tool.

Advertising Isn’t All About Selling Out 

The sharing of knowledge and ideas freely is seen by many as the opposite of marketing and advertising for profit. What many people forget is that before blue chip corporations ruled the world, advertising was all about sharing things you’d discovered with people whom you thought would be interested and would benefit from them. Twitter followers are by their very nature interested in what you have to say and therefore will share the interests that you have.

Knowing how to use twitter to promote a blog, spread word of a new product or highlight new services to a site could unlock limitless potential. Not only will people feel inclined to retweet anything they find interesting and useful, but you can be assured that the people following them will be as likeminded to them as they are to you. It can be very difficult to isolate a target audience in a marketing campaign but through followers it is already premade.

Keeping Things Fresh

That being said, you also have to know how to use tweets to keep your twitter followers interested. Posts can include links and other calls to action but they should still be worded in such a way that inspires those who read them. When it comes to promoting something in the long term it’s about building credibility as much as drawing lots of people to one place very in one go. Mixing up tweets so that some tell people to visit a site and others simply share thoughts and comments related to your chosen topic will ensure that people don’t get turned off by an endless barrage of sales pitches.

It’s worth doing some retweeting of your own too. People will be spreading your word through their retweets but equally you can gain more followers by sharing knowledge that interests you. It will equally show existing twitter followers that you’re not just focused on pushing your own ends.

So what is twitter really? It is the notion that information should be free for all to share, and a portal to link likeminded people to the things they care about, but often this will cross over with the aims of advertising and marketing goals. When this happens it has to be taken advantage of.

Are you utilizing Twitter to its full potential?

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