How To Generate More LinkedIn Leads

When used correctly LinkedIn can be a powerhouse for lead generation, particularly for B2B’s. This article highlights some of the best ways to generate more leads.


Nearly every business wants more leads right? While Facebook has proven itself a great marketing tool for B2C businesses, B2B’s often find it difficult to generate the same results. Thankfully, LinkedIn caters very well for the B2B market, and by following the below tips your inbox will be full of leads in no time:

Get active with answers: Answers provides you with a great place to demonstrate your in depth industry knowledge. You can quickly do a search for questions related to your field, and utilize your knowledge to provide answers. Key benefits of doing this include asserting yourself as a thought leader, and potentially gaining new clients as you position yourself as a solution provider. It’s also a good opportunity to provide exposure for content you’ve produced by linking to blog posts, white papers etc that you may have.

Optimize your company LinkedIn page: Similar to optimizing your personal LinkedIn profile, this will improve your search engine visability, and also give people a clearer idea of what exactly your company is about and what you do. You can also use it to show off your great staff, and promote any vacant positions you may have.

Share content: Just like on all the other social networks, sharing content is a great way to promote your company and is easy to do. While this activity will largely be driven by your marketing team/person, it’s good to get as many people as possible from within your organisation to contribute. This will help keep the content fresh, and stop drone tone creeping into your posts. Importantly, remember that LinkedIn isn’t like Twitter i.e. people don’t want to hear from you every four minutes. Be sure to moderate the frequency of your posts to save being annoying.

Jump on board with some groups: Joining groups is a great way to network and meet new prospects. Be careful not to fall in the trap of only joining groups within your industry, rather think about what kind of groups your prospects would be joining and get on board with those. For instance, if you’re a social media consultant don’t just join social media related groups – you could look at joining groups for business owners, entrepreneurs etc.Join Group1

Try LinkedIn ads: This social network provides a ppc ad platform similar to Facebook’s. Since the service has such a high quality user base, this can be a very effective method for creating more leads. To ensure your ads are effective, it’s important to factor in ROI; keep a close check on how much your spending and what return you’re getting for your ads.

The Takeaway: Be Proactive!

These are just some of the methods you can use to boost your leads. The main theme here though is being proactive; the more active you are on LinkedIn, the stronger your network will become, and the more leads you’ll develop.

How do you generate Linkedin leads?


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