The Role Of PPC In The Marketing Mix

People often ask “what is PPC, and how can I make the most of it to grow my online traffic?”.Click Icon

As one of the original forms of online advertising, PPC programs have been delivering marketing solutions to websites since the beginning of the world wide web. Everyone knows that advertising in general can be expensive, but may not be so familiar with the cost effective way in which SEO PPC can keep spending down without compromising quality. The fact that internet traffic is so specifically measurable has made this form of marketing a very popular method for companies and individuals alike.

The biggest beneficiaries of PPC

Anyone from a blue chip marketing manager to a modest blogger has at one time asked “what is ppc?” and been answered with long term and high yielding site traffic. Pay per click advertising differs from almost any other form simply because you only pay for the target audience who take a proactive step towards your site. I.e. they click on the banner or link that takes them through.

SEO PPC is most popular among those who don’t have limitless funds to spend as they can keep a close check on where there money is going. Many PPC programs will also offer the service of a capped spend whereby a link will only stay live for a pre-set number of click-throughs. This means the advertiser can know that spending won’t spiral out of control in the event of an unexpectedly fantastic response.

By the same measure, it is a great way to test the water before investing in the larger commitment of a set price banner advertisement or email marketing campaign. It is common for big organizations to set a small budget and monitor how long it takes for the set number of users to respond.

Every solution has its drawbacks

Even the best of solutions have pitfalls and SEO PPC is no different. If you’ve found yourself asking “what is PPC really delivering for me” it may be that underhanded practice is making it ineffectual. Invalid click-through traffic can be created by people paying for a clicking service whereby PPC advertisements are repeatedly clicked on to drive up the advertising revenue and give the impression of a better response than there really is.

It is important to monitor the click-through versus conversion rate to ascertain the proportion of users that are actually taking further steps on the target site.

Conversion Rate

Equally, many sites will offer set price advertising that may eventually become more financially beneficial when the money being spent on click through traffic exceeds that of the display banner prices. Like all advertising, the analytical data should be monitored as closely as the money spent so you are never left asking “what is PPC doing for my site”.

Have you used PPC campaigns to promote your business? Were they effective? 

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