Tips For A Flourishing Subscriber List

Many businesses place huge emphasis on their email subscriber lists – and so they should! Your subscriber list includes not only your current customers who contribute to your businesses current income, but also prospective customers, who will help your business develop and grow. 

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The building of an email list doesn’t happen overnight though – it takes time, effort and resources. And if you’re going to put this effort in, then it makes sense that you’d want to maintain it right? Sadly, many businesses don’t think about it this way. They pour all their effort into capturing subscribers, but then waste it by neglecting them once they’re in. For your email list to be profitable, you need your subscribers to be:

  1. Opening your emails
  2. Reading the content
  3. Clicking through
  4. Converting

Tips for effectively maintaining your subscriber list

Set accurate expectations: Make sure your registration page clearly explains what potential subscribers can expect from your email program, and give them options to tailor it for their specific needs. Also utilize confirmation pages/messages to further clarify what they’ve signed up for post registration.

Walk the talk: Make sure you fill the expectations you create from the outset. If you promised monthly discounts and exclusive offers, make sure you provide monthly discounts and special offers. No one likes being told they’re going to receive something, and then not getting it – and your email subscribers are no exception.

Tailor your content: An effective registration page should give you enough information about your subscriber to tailor content which is of relevance and interest to them specifically. For example – if a subscriber has listed that they’re only interested in receiving information on discount offers – only send them content related to discounts. Don’t flood their inbox with information which they’ve indicated is of no interest to them, the only thing it will achieve is an ‘unsubscribe’.

Be personable:  While subscribers understand they’re part of a list of people all receiving the same emails – you should utilize opportunities for personal emails wherever possible. Examples of this include tailored thank you’s when they make a purchase, or personalized birthday wishes. These kind of messages aren’t hard to automate, and the positive impression they make is definitely worth the effort.

The Takeaway

Don’t spend all your time fretting over how to get more subscribers. While continuously increasing the size of your list is important; maintaining it and ensuring that its profitable is more important. By putting effort into continuously engaging your existing list and providing value to them, you’ll find the growth you seek will come organically.

Do you put enough effort into maintaining your subscriber list?

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